stacken real estate berlin


Stacken is a Real Estate Company that acquires commercial and residential buildings to rent out in Germany and, more specifically, Berlin, in ideal city locations with ample growth potential.
This market is indeed one of the best in the Eurozone, with demand for property and property values having a continuous and steady growth.


The company was founded in 2008 by a group of real estate entrepreneurs with many years of experience in both Germany and Italy. In the same year, it acquired its first building in Berlin.
In 2012, the capital was increased through new partners entering the company.
Currently, Stacken has Assets consisting of 11 proprieties: 6 in Berlin and 5 in Leipzig.

The Strategy

Stacken has already defined a rapid growth strategy that forecasts a tenfold increase of its Asset value by 2020, and in 2021 a listing in the stock market. We have planned investments in other German areas, such as Hannover, Bielefeld, Bremen, since their macroeconomic data predict growth and an increased demand for property. The investment funds have a debt/equity ratio of 70/30.
The planned strategy will be achieved thanks to a dynamic and flexible structure that will have, in addition to business governance, local consultants specialized in property management who will be selected in the various areas of acquisition.

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