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Who we are

A real estate company with a continuously growing number of assets  founded by entrepreneurs who have gained long-standing experience in housing  and real estate business.

What we do

Acquire residential and commercial real estate.

Where we work

We operate in Germany, and more specifically in Berlin. A market with huge potential.

Target Market

Germany is one of the best countries in the Eurozone. Its growing economy and population, its increase in the demand for housing, along with a reliable financial system and tax rates that are among the lowest in Europe make it ideal for real estate investment.

Other remarkable characteristics include:

  • The highest credit rating in the world
  • The lowest percentage of government bonds
  • Interest rates among the lowest in the European market
  • GDP growth
  • The lowest level of unemployment in all the Eurozone

The Company

Stacken is a real estate company whose mission is to acquire residential and commercial property in the best German metropolitan districts and in areas with a high growth potential.

The planned strategy will produce a rapid increase in capital and market prices.

The company comprises real estate entrepreneurs and specialized local consultants.

Company constitution and acquisition of first property in Berlin

First increase of capital and entry of new partners into the company

Assets consisting of 7 proprieties: 6 in Berlin and 1 in Leipzig

Assets consisting of 11 proprieties: 6 in Berlin and 5 in Leipzig

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